Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ed Rambeau: One Note Ahead

Fans of the handsome and multi-talented Eddie Rambeau ("Concrete and Clay") will enjoy S.J. Dibai's interesting, informative and highly entertaining interview with the man himself. To check it out, click on the link below:

One Note Ahead: Rambeau, Part II

Eddie also had a minor hit with "My Name is Mud," and he cowrote two Top Forty recordings for Diane Renay - "Navy Blue" and "Kiss Me, Sailor."

Ed is a performer's performer - his stage presence and phrasing are impeccable, and he puts just the right amount of emotion into every song he sings. He's also extremely good to look at! For proof, check out the video below, from one of Ed's Shindig appearances in 1965. If you're a red-blooded, heterosexual female who doesn't swoon when Ed looks directly into the camera and sings "I'll always love you, baby," then you probably should get a medical checkup!

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S.J. Dibai said...

Hmm, Eddie Rambeau, eh? Never heard of him, but I might just check out this interview you speak of. Seriously, though, thanks for the publicity! Ed was a pleasure to interview and I had a lot of fun writing the preface.