Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ron Dante on MySpace

Ron Dante

The voice of The Archies now has an official MySpace presence! Click here to visit Ron Dante's pro page - and if you have a MySpace account, add Ron as a friend while you're there. :)


daddykin said...

Hi, Laura. Thanks for this info! I visited last night, and subscribed to Ron's blog posts. I would not have known about it without you!


Laura Pinto said...

Hi Daddykin,

Thanks so much for the blog comment and for visiting Ron's new page. It's REALLY new - just up as of the Fourth of July!!! I went ahead and subscribed to his blog as well, as soon as I saw he'd posted to it.

I think I may need to edit this post; the text isn't showing up for me. All that comes up when I access my blog is the title of the post and Ron's picture. The title pretty much says it all but I do have a bunch of text beneath it, including the direct link to Ron's page! Did the text come up OK for you? Maybe it's my O/S or my browser.

Thanks again,

daddykin said...

Hi, Laura. Your text below Ron's picture shows up fine on my computer. Very nice. Ron is very blessed to have you in his corner!